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Are Limitless Pills for Real?

Limitless pills as the name suggests refer to the so-called brain health supplements being sold with the promise of making a person super strong mentally. These pills claim to allow a person to carry on the toughest of mental jobs easily by providing them the right dose of nutrition and antioxidants that boost the cognitive abilities significantly. The concept of such smart pills has been derived from the movie Limitless in which Bradley Cooper gains super normal mental powers by taking NZT-48 pill.

The excellent response to the movie led to the concept of marketing of various focus and mind supplement pills as limitless pills. However, in reality there is nothing which can make a person somehow overcome all limits. These top brain enhancements can certainly boost the memory power, enhance focus and cognitive abilities of a person in various ways. Let’s find out.

How do Brain Health Supplements Work?

While no pill or supplement can give you powers like NST-48, several nootropic pills have been successful in improving the cognitive parameters in humans. These pills work to enhance memory, focus, mood, attention, processing speed and processing endurance of human brain. Manufactured by using one or several or a combination of natural nutrients essential for the brain, these pills are quite safe to use.

While some of these supplements work by boosting the flow of blood to the brain, others work on ensuring the right amount of hormones and neurotransmitters. Some supplements also include antioxidants that protect the brain and thus allow its optimal functioning, To choose the best brain health supplements, you need to compare various products available in the market, go through their customer reviews and know more about their ingredients and side effects.

Choosing the Right Smart Pill

The market is flooded with hundreds of brain health supplements many of which claim to be the real life limitless drug. While no number of pills can make a you limitless, what is possible is the boosting of your brain’s cognitive abilities to the maximum by ensuring adequate cellular growth, DNA repair and adequate release of essential hormones. Most of the top brain enhancements are the ones that use natural ingredients derived from plant extracts and other natural sources such as Bacopa Monnieri and Gingko Biloba besides essential vitamins and minerals.

Choosing the right pill requires you to study the label of a supplement carefully to understand the various ingredients. Now some supplements reveal the individual ingredients while others use a a proprietary formula which is a mix of many ingredients in specific composition, In the latter case one cannot be sure about the adequacy and effectiveness of the ingredient being used.

Do We Really Need Smart Pills?

One of the best methods of boosting your brain’s ability is to continuously use it. In case one is finding it difficult to focus or concentrate on one’s job or memorizing things, what is essential is to find the reason for it. It could be age-related or due of lack of essential nutrients or inadequate exercise.

While the best remedy for boosting your brain’s ability and lifting any kind of brain fog is to exercise regularly, ensuring that you get adequate sleep and consuming a balanced diet full of essential minerals and vitamins, some people may still need the help of brain health supplements.

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