Mind Lab Pro 87.6%

Quick Overview

Dubbed as the “universal nootropic,” Mind Lab Pro works to enhance focus, clarity, memory, mood, and practically long-range brain health. Its manufacturer claims to be rated number one, with more than 1 million bottles sold across six continents. It is said to have thousands of 5-star customer reviews as well as scientifically proven claims by independent research. Let’s have a closer look at this high-profile brain enhancement supplement and its merits. 



Mind Lab Pro is said to contain 11 research-backed nootropics for brain enhancement. These show on the Supplement Facts table below.



The supplement’s Cognizin is form with benefits for brain energy, mental performance, and recall as supposedly backed by multiple human clinical trials. 


How Does It Work?

Mind Lab Pro’s ingredients are said to complement each other and offer a holistic boost to brain performance. While PS enhance the flow of acetylcholine and the number of brain pathways, they also provide cell-building compounds and enhance cognitive functioning. As far as mood and stress relief are concerned, ingredients like L-theanine, Bacopa monnieri, and Rhodiola rosea take a lead role. 


In claiming that it’s scientifically proven to work, the manufacturer of Mind Lab Pro states that the supplement has been subjected to rigorous double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, conducted independently by Leeds University in the UK. 


Dosage and Side Effects

Users are recommended to take two Mind Lab Pro capsules in the morning or early afternoon. During intense cognitive demands such as before a workout or during exams, the dosage may be increased to four capsules daily for greater performance boost. Users are advised to avoid taking more than four capsules during a 24-hour period. 


Mind Lab Pro so far has not been reported to cause major, life-threatening side effects, only a number of documented cases of minimal to moderate reactions. These include dizziness, low energy, insomnia, brain fog, mood swings, and sleep issues. Ironically, these are common issues that people often take nootropics for, so it’s counterintuitive to take something that can cause the challenges you’re already having.


Final Word

Mind Lab Pro is a much hyped and promoted product in the world of nootropics. But it’s worth noting that god is in the details: what’s revealed of this nootropic product in our product review and authentic user feedback online show a less-than-perfect option with very subtle to nonexistent benefits for cognitive functioning. 


It’s also rather concerning that the side effects involve brain fog, sleep difficulties, and mood swings — the very issues you’re likely trying to address by taking a nootropic. This stack doesn’t stack up quite well, so we’re quickly moving on to a well-priced, results-oriented alternative.