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Mindworks: Supporting Brain Health

Ageing is one of the major factors that lead to cognitive impairment and problems like weakening of memory and lack of concentration.  The decline in brain’s capacity can start any age and if ignored can lead to problems like lack of focus and concentration besides poor memory. People above 65 may even have to face problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Research has also shown that the shrinkage in our brains is often, also linked to our lifestyle choices. Poor diet, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise and a lot of stress are some of the factors that affect the functioning of the neurons.

While the best remedy for ensuring brain’s optimal performance is to provide it the right nourishment through a healthy diet, often it is not possible. This in turn leads to the need for brain and health supplements containing the necessary nutrients that allow the proper and optimal functioning of the brain. These brain boosters are in no way used to diagnose, treat or cure or even prevent any disease, but simply to provide the right nourishment to the brain.

Once you know that supplements can help you, choosing the right and the best product is important. While the market is flooded with hundreds of brain boosters claiming to contain minerals, herbs, amino acids and phytonutrients, choosing the best brain supplements and vitamins for memory is important.  Several factors such as the company manufacturing the supplement, their reputation, the ingredients and their safety need to be considered to pick up a good nootropic for best results. Going through customer reviews will also help you make an informed decision.

Mindworks: How Does it Work?

Mindworks is one such natural supplement that claims to support brain health by increasing mental sharpness and focus besides preventing the normal, age-related cerebral decline. Manufactured by Shaklee, an established company known for its research based products, this supplement works in three ways:

  • By Boosting the blood circulation to the brain
  • By Slowing down the natural cognitive impairment and thus brain shrinkage
  • Improving neural activity to support brain function

The Power of Ingredients

This top brain enhancement supplement created after five years of extensive research comprises of a unique formula that contains several essential vitamin such as Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Vitamin B12 and calcium. The product also comprises of a 230mg blend of ingredients that include Chardonnay grape extract, guarana seed extract, blueberry powder and green coffee extract.  The blend of chardonnay grape seed extract and guarana allows the supplement to concentrate specific polyphenols that impact healthy blood vessel function.  Guarana, traditionally used to improve cognitive performance, has been extracted to concentrate the key elements for brain health while keeping the caffeine content low.

Dosage and Side Effects

Received well by the users so far, Mindworks dietary supplement offers immediate mental alertness and focus. The prescribed dosage for this natural product is one tablet a day with meals. The absence of any kind of harmful or synthetic products and use of 100% natural products rules out the possibility of any kind of side effects of consuming this product.

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