Neuriva 89.8%

Quick Overview

As another contender in the top brain enhancement space, Neuriva is supported to fuel the five important indicators of brain health versus just one in its competitors’ products, according to its website. These five indicators are focus, accuracy, memory, literacy, learning, and concentration. It says it takes pride in the brain health support it provides, helping users to “brain better.” Let’s have a closer look at Neuriva. 



Neuriva is powered by two main ingredients: coffee cherry and phosphatidylserine (PS). Coffee cherry as a neurofactor is seen to increase levels of BDNF, a vital neuroprotein known for strengthening connections between brain cells. Plant-sourced Sharp PS, on the other hand, are phospholipids making up the structure of neurons within the brain. They are believed to be clinically proven for memory and learning support. 


How Does It Work?

It’s rather surprising for a nootropic supplement to bravely come out with a blend of only two ingredients in a space filled with so-called stacks for better, more powerful brain enhancement outcomes. This appeals to users who don’t like complex concoctions going into their bodies. 


BDNF is a neuroprotein that the brain uses to help fortify connections between neurons, and this is the mechanism shown in the lab to play a crucial role in cognitive performance. As the brain has about 86 billion neurons, making connections with one another will help them successfully transmit information throughout the body. 


Dosage and Side Effects

Impressively, Neuriva is recommended to be taken as one capsule a day. This dosage is hard to come by these days as other nootropics have a two-a-day recommended dose. Neuriva claims that all of its ingredients are natural and safe, and that its clinical trials in existence do not report any significant side effects. It’s safe to conclude that the product should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women, those under age 18, and those suffering from any medical condition.

Final Word

For a widely popular brain enhancement supplement like Neuriva, there isn’t a strong and wide body of information available on the product, such as clinical trials, up-to-date and comprehensive data, and customer reviews. Yet in the midst of celebrity endorsement, a recent legal ruling dictates that Neuriva can no longer claim that its benefits are science-backed; its maker Reckitt Benckiser settled a lawsuit in April 2021 prohibiting them from claiming that the product’s stated benefits are “backed by science.”


Nootropics work, no doubt, but this doesn’t mean all of the products in the industry make substantiated claims. Neuriva’s case is a complex, controversial one and might not be worth the worry if there are well-performing, even better-rated nootropic supplement products out there.