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Omax Cognitive: For Improved Neurotransmitter Activity

Are you feeling sluggish or stressed? Finding it difficult to concentrate and take decisions? If yes it could be due to inadequate neurotransmitter levels in your brain which have a profound influence on our overall health. Regular and proper interactions between the neurotransmitters, hormones and brain chemicals are essential for a healthy brain and optimal cognitive behaviour.  Problems like depression, anxiety and mood disorders are believed to be directly related with imbalances with the neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine.

While Serotonin is essential for happiness, Dopamine and Norepinephrine are essential for motivation, energy, interest and drive. Inadequacy of any of these leads to cognitive impairment, poor concentration and lack of motivation.  Some common factors that can lead to neurotransmitter imbalance are poor diet, some medications and drugs and chronic stress. Recommended solutions include exercise, nutrition, meditation and brain supplements.

In certain cases, targeted amino acid therapies in which supplements of a neurotransmitter are given to the affected person to remove the imbalances are recommended by doctors. These therapies are recommended in cases where changed dietary habits are not adequate to alter the levels of particular neurotransmitters to allow them to cross the blood brain barrier.

Brain Health Supplements

Several brain health supplements including Omaxe Cognitive are made of products that aid in improved neurotransmitter activity to allow optimal functioning of the brain. But the effectiveness of each supplement varies according to their composition. We, at Top Brain Enhancements, help you compare various brain boosters and their ingredients and efficiency in boosting brain performance. You can also go through the customer reviews of various products to know the actual experiences of the users of these products.

Omax Cognitive: How Does it Work?

The Omax Cognitive boost memory supplement offers an advanced omega-3 supplement to boost neurotransmitter activity while supporting memory, focus, concentration and energy. The manufacturer claims that this booster will not heighten the focus and result in increased alertness but also boost memory recall besides supporting lifelong cognitive health. The supplement is manufactured from two main ingredients – concentrated omega-3 DHA and Alpha GPC. DHA is the main omega-3 fat in your human brain and is essential for the efficient functioning of the nervous system. Alpha-GPC is known to increase acetylcholine, a chemical in brain which is important for boosting memory and learning functions.

Dosage and Side Effects

While the normal dosage of alpha-GPC for boosting cognitive functioning is more than 600mg daily, this supplement has only 150 mg which raises doubts about its effectiveness. On the other hand, customer reviews vouch for its efficacy in improving brain health and boosting memory.

Although this supplement is unlikely to have any major side effects an excessive increase in acetylcholine levels can lead to headache, confusion and muscle cramps. In such instances the intake of this supplement must be stopped immediately, and a physician must be consulted.

The supplement is available in a pack of 60 soft gel capsules, which are sealed in pharmaceutical grade blister packs to ensure freshness.

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