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Noocube: Boosting Brain Health

Stress can prove to be quite troublesome for one’s health and even lead to a change in the physiology of the brain. The intensity of the stress and its sustainability over a long-period of time is important in determining its impact on overall health especially the brain. According to a Harvard Health publication – any stressful event is followed by the sending of a distress signal by the brain to the body which gets reflected in the form of increased heart rate, heightened senses or deep breathing. This is followed by the release of a hormone called cortisol which helps to restore the energy lost in the response.

The cortisol levels get restored once the stressful event is over. However, excess production of cortisol in terms of chronic stress can be troublesome and negatively impact the brain’s ability to function properly. Highest quality nootropics like Noocube offer some relief from stress related brain issues by boosting the mental energy and the ability to focus and memorize.

Chronic Stress and Its Impact on the Brain

Chronic stress can be catastrophic for one’s overall health. It not only disrupts synapse regulation leading to loss of sociability but also kill brain cells besides reducing the size of the brain (especially the part responsible for memory and learning). But good news is that such changes are not necessarily permanent.

Young adults can easily recover from the effects of stress while older people may need assistance to recover from this situation. This could be in the form of change in lifestyle, inclusion of exercises and adoption of a diet full of essential nutrients. Brain health supplements can also help improve the memory and cognitive ability of the brain.

Top Brain Enhancements

There are several brain boosters available that claim to improve the brain’s functioning, but whether they all are effective is doubtful. The best way to choose a supplement that can improve brain memory and concentration is to check the reputation and record of its manufacturer, its ingredients, its side effects and its cost. Customer reviews can also help you know more about the efficacy of a brain supplement.

Noocube Reviews: How Does it Work?

This top brain enhancement is a blend of several natural substances that help to support and enhance focus, boost mental speed and memory besides preventing cognitive impairment. Made up of ingredients such as Alpha GPC (50mg),  Huperzine A (20mg), Tyrosine (250mg), Cat’s Claw (175 mg), Oat Straw (130mg),  Bacopa Monneiri (250mg), and Pterostilbene (140mcg).

Tyrosine, the biggest component of this product helps to reduce anxiety, a result of stress. It also helps to sharpen the focus while keeping one alert. 

Dosage and Side Effects

The recommended dosage for this supplement is two pills per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. While there is no record of any kind of side effects, any kind of allergic reaction to Noocube should be reported. Regular consumption of Huperzine A, an ingredient of this supplement can be a cause of concern so it is advisable to consult a physician before taking this brain boosting supplement.

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