Now Foods Ginkgo Biloba 80.4%

Quick Overview

Now Foods Ginkgo Biloba is positioned as a brain supplement that supports brain health in a double-strength formula. All it takes, according to the website, is take 1 veggie capsule daily with a meal. It’s packaged in the US by a family owned and operated company since 1968. Let’s find out more about this NOW brain wellness product. 


Now Foods Ginkgo BIloba contains 24% standardized extract of the renowned nootropic ingredient, claimed to be the finest-quality available worldwide. Scientific research, according to the product page, has demonstrated that ginkgo biloba has powerful free radical scavenging capabilities in in vitro studies available.

How Does It Work?

Ginkgo biloba has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for centuries to treat ailments of the brain, heart, and lungs. It has been found to help increase the dopamine in the brain, which can reduce anxiety and assist in the treatment of ADHD. It can also increase blood flow to the brain, improving oxygen and glucose availability to neurons for brain health. It is also deemed helpful in neuroprotection, helping boost blood flow, reduce oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals, and increasing nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels. 

Dosage and Side Effects

Users can take one 120 mg veggie capsule daily with a meal. 

The standard warning that comes with the product reads:

For adults only. Not for pregnant or nursing women. Consult a physician if taking medications (especially anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and those that may affect bleeding time), have a medical condition (including liver disease and coagulation disorders), or are planning to have surgery. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children.

Final Word

NOW Foods should take credit for producing a double-strength ginkgo biloba supplement for nootropic purposes. However, not everyone can use or take ginkgo biloba, and neither does the product satisfy the requirements of a nootropic stack for enhanced results and effectiveness. The benefits may be there but they are not guaranteed when a supplement relies on a single powerhouse herbal extract.